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Lisa Witherspoon

We all know that motherhood does not come with an owner’s manual. There is no blueprint, no step-by-step guide to handling different situations. You can read all the parenting books in the world, but there is no way you can prepare yourself for every aspect of being a mom.

Danielle Herzog

Finally, I just sat down on one of those nursing chairs in the furniture department and watched as babies cried and children pulled things off the racks. I watched in horror at what might be my future. All the moms looked frazzled and in need of a good haircut. I touched my hair that I spent forty minutes flat-ironing and decided I should just close my eyes instead.

Nicole Goodman

 As every breastfeeding mother knows, there’s a reason they call it liquid gold. Breast milk is the most valuable commodity you possess, and every drop is precious. Hooking yourself up to the dairy farm is no picnic, so you guard every droplet like it’s the last pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the planet. No matter how it happens, whether it’s a slip of the hand or a hole in a freezer bag, witnessing your milk go to waste is worthy of its own epic meltdown.

Stephanie Farley

Meltdowns are a part of motherhood, and there is no escaping it. Meltdowns are a part of the parenting package. Some of your child’s meltdowns are going to make you cry, and some are going to make you laugh. (Please note: that just makes your child melt even more!) Sometimes your child’s outburst will give you meltdowns of your own. But those little people are so worth the meltdowns.

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  • Benjamin Can’t Walk

Benjamin Can’t Walk

  • October 7th, 2014

Some afternoons when I pick up my kids from their various locations I am in a hurry. Other days I have some extra time. Those days with extra time are very rare, and I usually hurry the kids along anyway so that I can enjoy my extra time at home instead of at the preschool or after-school location.

  • No Mother is Perfect

No Mother is Perfect

  • March 24th, 2014

What does it mean to be a mother who is embracing her imperfection?  Sometimes it means embracing the meltdown.  Sometimes it means embracing our failures.  Sometimes it means that we acknowledge that our best just wasn’t good enough today.

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We could not have enjoyed The Mother of All Meltdowns more … partly because we laughed so hard while reading, we could legitimately skip our abs workout for the week! Score! Every mom reading will come away feeling like she has thirty new girlfriends who just “get it”! All moms deserve the laughter and validation The Mother of All Meltdowns delivers!” ~ Lisa and Ashley, a.k.a. The Dose Girls, The Dose of Reality
Lisa and Ashley, The Dose of Reality
The Mother of All Meltdowns is a smart, honest collection by bloggers who tell it like it is, or as we sometimes wish it was. Parenting, warts and all, is celebrated, questioned, and laid bare. You’ll chuckle or cringe with recognition, and it’s a thoughtful, amusing read for the weary.” ~ Robin Gorman Newman,
Robin Gorman Newman,